2016 has been a hellified year to say the least!! When I consider what has been lost and what has been gained I am inclined to believe that my life is on the precipice of rebirth, reinvigoration, realignment, resignation, replenishment, repayment, and restoration. Throughout this year thus far, I have created several non-negotiables that I must abide by in order for this emergence from my cocoon to the beauty of rebirth and thefreedom of renewal. Self-care, self-preservation, and self-love are on the short list.

I have been diligent in trying to challenge myself to be better today than I was yesterday, and I must admit, it has truly been an uphill battle. My challenge has been to balance the demands of my very hectic life with loving my life more, doing more of what I love, having fun, and improving the lives of my family.

I have resolved that as a woman in my 40’s it is now safe for me to live an unapologetic existence, it is okay to be emboldened by my challenges, and re-evaluate all of my hiccups from a variety of perspectives to find the lesson…..

While we are on the topic of lessons, let me tell you, they have not been easy to swallow, but they most certainly have been essential to my personal growth. I am a complex person filled with so much to give, but reserved enough to realize, there is reciprocity in everything that I commit to from this day on….

Not because I am entitled, simply because I deserve to get what I want, I deserve to put myself first, this is self-love personified. It is beautiful to have grown into this space that I now occupy, my wings are formed, my back is arched, and I am prepared for flight. This butterfly is ready to spread her wings, and share it with other wonderful women like yourselves.

Let us be bold in our quest for the very best life that we can live!! As I have been reminded on several occasions, this is no dress rehearsal, the time is NOW to live your life.

If you have made decisions that no longer serve you and they do not honor the truest essence of yourself, I encourage you to decide differently!  I encourage you to take the steps that will release and relinquish any bondage in all areas of your life that are screaming for change.

In Prince’s famous words….We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life….

As we grow through it….remember that there is beauty in the process and in the progress.

Set your goals for a better life today, do not wait until New Year’s eve. Have a plan of action, a plan of execution, and an exit strategy!

Now get to work!!


  1. Beautifully written. Thank you for the reminder that there is indeed purpose in the process. I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today, had I not lived through the experiences that I have. At the end of the tunnel there is indeed light. In many cases, there is also a rainbow. Go forth and be fabulous. Life awaits those with dreams, ambition and a desire to be great.


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